Upcoming Events

Online Fusion course 6 weeks €25 send email address and paypal payment to register .This method works on internalizing all the senses and creating a pearl in the energy body and a neutralizing type of practice to create a pearl in body center.

some basic Qi gong knowledge is needed for this course .

Starts 18th Janauary weekly meditation and theory session to be sent to email to be listened to at time of your convenience for more info get in touch .


Saturday Jan 27th


Basics of Qi Gong covered along with the ancient art of Taoist dream practice

Course covers guidance and healing from our dreams along with methods to improve sleep patterns.working with intention to open up and remember our dream state .

One of the great insights of ancient practitioners was the fact that, if a daily regimen of energy practices is maintained – specially refining the emotions – the quality and quantity of dreams changes. If a person goes to bed after having cleared the vital organs from unresolved emotions the amount of emotional dreams and nightmares dramatically decreases, sometimes to the point that they disappear completely.

In Taoism we work with the lifeforce to release blocked emotion and focus on goals from an Energetic and centered space .Course will be led by Colin Dempsey Qi Gong Instructor and group facilitator.

One day option €50 ,light lunch provided.

pre booking and payment essential minimum 3 days before event

For more info Contact Colin.   0863298392 paypal  dempsey.gao@yahoo.ie

Saturday Feb 3rd

Qi Gong basics & the 6 healing sounds.Internal Alchemy and the Five Elements
The Body is made up of five essential elements Fire, Water, Wood, Metal and Earth.Individually they
are working to sustain and balance our internal organs almost like each member of a family has a role.
The practice of qi gong and internal alchemy is to open up channels in the body which allows a free
flow of energy to connect these elements.

Booking essential pre payment paypal dempsey.gao@yahoo.ie

€50 if paid in full in advance .other price €60 light lunch provided





2 thoughts on “Upcoming Events”

  1. Hi Colin,
    Can you give me a little more info about the 8 weekend training course? What weekends do they run? Hours! Price?!
    I’m currently working as a yoga teacher and a relax kids coach and hypnotherapist. I’m very interesting learning all about Qi Gong, I did a course In Tai Chi mAny years ago.

    I haven’t had the chance to attend your workshops yet as each time the date was always clashing with something.

    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Regards Fiona Foy

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